Weekly Review

This Week: Kick-Off

The wait is over, the regular season of the NFL has started. Fans are excited for their teams to get that “W” and others disappointed because their team did not start the season right. But it’s okay, slow start but still a long way to the playoffs. Lots of room for improvements to finish strong.

It won’t be long until the leaves start changing and Fall season will be upon us. So long to the heat and no more sweaty… As we know, Hurricane season is on the rise and the East Coast already had a taste of it. But not as bad as our neighbors in the Bahamas. Please donate to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

“We Will Never Forget” September 11th, the day that our nation was attacked by evil forces. Wednesday, marked the 18th Anniversary of 9/11. We honor those who were killed and thank our brave First Responders for their efforts of recovery. We will NEVER bend the knee to terrorism.

Reading List

Court rules VA must pay for veterans’ emergency room care.

Japan set to dump contaminated Fukushima water into Ocean as storage runs out.

Never before has a case been disclosed in which American investigators demanded personal data of users of a single app from Apple and Google.

Where to get some flood plain and hydrological maps and data.



September 11th is of course the anniversary of the 2001 Al Qaeda attacks on the U.S., but it is also the anniversary of the Benghazi Embassy attacks, in 2012. (Those events were recounted in the Hollywood film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.)

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